Monday, April 20, 2015

Play on Penn/ Open Streets Mural Project!

Open Streets on Lowry 2012 is when we started the mural at the intersection of Lowry and Oliver Avenues north in Minneapolis. I applied for and received a Play on Penn grant through the WBC. The project took place over two weekends that coincided with Lowry Open Streets in September 2014. Additional panels were installed to extend the mural along Lowry Ave. I set up a tent and got out the paint and the youth from the neighborhood assisted me to paint. The theme of this mural is "healthy lifestyle in North Minneapolis". The hope is to continue the mural down the block! I will reapply each year as long as the grants are there to apply for! :)

The first panel completed in 2012.
Two panels added to expand the mural.
My amazing assistant AnaLaura helping me get the design transferred to the wall.  
First weekend: The youth getting started! 

In-progress at the end of the first weekend!

The kids are just too fast and talented so I had another panel installed!
We needed more to do on Open Streets weekend! 
Extended design...
Weekend Two: The painting continues and I have my other assistant Kelsey King help out during the day!

The final mural! Well, at least until we get the funds to extend it further... 

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