Located in Plymouth MN.
700 students (K-5) assisted in painting this mural. 4th and 5th graders gave feedback and suggestions through sketches and writing during a brainstorm session we conducted with them. This gave them an opportunity to contribute to the design process and provide me with ideas in representing their school on the two walls. 

One of my biggest mural projects is at Gleason Lake Elementary School in Wayzata. The mural was painted in their entire entry/ lobby area. It consisted of 11 walls, all 8 ft high but at various lengths averaging about 10-15 ft long. I worked with all students in the school from 1st to 5th grade, about 700 students over the course of 3 months. This project took about 200 hours. 
Each grade in the school, except kindergarden, was designated a wall or section in the main lobby. The art teacher wanted to illustrate not only what they cover in each grade in art but also 1 or 2 other main things they learn about in the other subjects (derived by the students in 5th grade). I designed all the illustrations on the walls after the conversation with the 5th graders. ALL 700 students helped paint. 

This is the first grade wall. The hieroglyphics on the right say "first grade student". They study cave drawings and ancient art in first grade. I decided to show students on a quest of discovery as a metaphor to illustrate the beginning of their education. 

This is the second grade wall. Second grade is indicated with a roman numeral on the clay pot the boy is working on, something they learn about in math. They also study insects during their science unit and make clay pots and African masks in art. 

The third grade wall shows their study of Asian art and learning how to write in cursive.

 In 4th grade, they learn about Aboriginal art and figure drawing. 
They also learn how to play a recorder in music.

The 5th grade wall is all about their accomplishment and "graduating" to middle school. 
They learn about tribal art in 5th grade. 

The last of the walls- the "office wall". I designed something general to go on this wall. 
It's a depiction of a student with her "magical school box", full of supplies she will use in school. 
Two other walls were completed (not pictured). One was the "Rewards Wall" where plaques and trophies 
are put on display and the other wall I touched up what another artist painted previously.

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