When I am contracted as an artist-in-residence in your school or organization, the following basic logistics are needed to ensure a successful mural project:
  • Access to water
  • Space to store supplies
  • Appropriate area to clean supplies after each session
  • Minimum of 20 hours contact time with students.
  • Theme 

Mural projects are contingent on a few other things. These contingencies may affect the duration of the project. However, projects can always be customized to accommodate your particular needs. 
  • Size of wall. Which doesn't have a huge impact on the timeline but could play a part depending on the average physical size of group participating.
  • Complexity of the design. This could affect the deadline. The more complex (more figures and faces), the longer to complete the project when "finishing" occurs. 
  • Class size or number of people participating. This will affect logistics more then anything but not necessarily duration. Age has no bearing on the project at all.
  • If you want students to actively participate in the design of the mural or leave it up to me to work with administration to create a design. This impacts duration. Having students or the community helping to design their mural requires additional time and space to work outside of the mural area- like a classroom, media center, or conference room. This usually is the most customized part of your project. Allowing students and community members to take part in the design process is recommended to give a more well-rounded arts-integrated experience.

It is customary to schedule a "consultation" at the site you intend to have the mural painted to determine the best course of action in prepping and planning for your project. I will work with you to design your project, schedule a timeline, and determine a work flow to ensure a seamless arts-engaging experience for your students or community. 

+ I provide all materials and tools needed to completed the project. I also have my own drop cloths, aprons and paint shirts for adults and kiddos, step ladders and scaffolding that can reach heights of about 20 ft.