When I am contracted as an artist-in-residence in your school or organization, the following basic logistics are needed to ensure a successful mural project:
  • Access to water
  • Space to store supplies
  • Appropriate area to clean supplies after each session
  • Minimum of 20 hours contact time with students.
  • Theme 

Mural projects are contingent on a few other things. These contingencies may affect the duration of the project. However, projects can always be customized to accommodate your particular needs. 
  • Size of wall. Which doesn't have a huge impact on the timeline but could play a part depending on the average physical size of the student body participating.
  • Class size or number of students. This will affect logistics more then anything but not necessarily duration. Age has no bearing on the project at all.
  • If you want students to actively participate in the design of the mural or leave it up to me to work with administration to create a design. This impacts duration. Students helping to design their mural requires additional time and space to work outside of the mural area- like a classroom or media center. This usually is the most customized part of your project. Allowing students to take part in the design process is recommended to give a more well-rounded arts-integrated experience.

It is customary to schedule a "consultation" at the site you intend to have the mural painted to determine the best course of action in moving forward with your project. I will work with you to design your project, schedule a timeline, and determine a work flow to ensure a seamless arts-engaging experience for your students.