Monday, April 20, 2015

OH Anderson Mural

Mural at OH Anderson Elementary School
Mahtomedi, MN
2nd through 6th grades, approx. 80 students
Completed July 2014
21' x 8'

This summer project was very interesting because the space offered many surfaces to cover including the door. The space was the entry way into the Media Center. This project took place over only a few days! The challenge was to create a design that worked even when the door was propped open, which happened a lot through out the school day. I decided on a theme relating to the Media Center which was "Cultural Storytelling". I included ways that cultures and human beings have communicated stories throughout our time. Obviously, we couldn't include all of the forms of storytelling on the wall but I think we got a good variety of elements in there to capture the idea. My summer intern Leah Zobott contributed to parts of the design of the mural. 

Completed mural!

Door opened...
Door closed- view from the other side, inside the Media Center. 

John Glenn LBGTQ Mural

John Glenn Middle School
Maplewood, MN
6th-8th grades
Approx. 15 students participating in the LBGTQ group after school.
Completed December 2014

The students wanted to make sure the mural represented all kinds of families and diversity so that everyone could feel inclusive and identify with the mural. All the other phrases and symbols in the design are contributed by the students as well. 

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, St. Paul MN

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus
St. Paul, MN
7th grade, approx. 150 students
Completed November 2014

I was hired as an artist in residence to complete a mural project with the 7th grade students at Linwood Monroe. It took us about a month to complete. The theme for this project was "Voice in Our Community" and the students wanted to highlight keys areas where they felt their school contributed the most with their "voices"- through the arts, advocacy, language, and citizenship!

Play on Penn/ Open Streets Mural Project!

Open Streets on Lowry 2012 is when we started the mural at the intersection of Lowry and Oliver Avenues north in Minneapolis. I applied for and received a Play on Penn grant through the WBC. The project took place over two weekends that coincided with Lowry Open Streets in September 2014. Additional panels were installed to extend the mural along Lowry Ave. I set up a tent and got out the paint and the youth from the neighborhood assisted me to paint. The theme of this mural is "healthy lifestyle in North Minneapolis". The hope is to continue the mural down the block! I will reapply each year as long as the grants are there to apply for! :)

The first panel completed in 2012.
Two panels added to expand the mural.
My amazing assistant AnaLaura helping me get the design transferred to the wall.  
First weekend: The youth getting started! 

In-progress at the end of the first weekend!

The kids are just too fast and talented so I had another panel installed!
We needed more to do on Open Streets weekend! 
Extended design...
Weekend Two: The painting continues and I have my other assistant Kelsey King help out during the day!

The final mural! Well, at least until we get the funds to extend it further... 

FLOW 2014 Community Mural Project: Transit

Here are images from FLOW 2014! I led a community arts project painting a mural with my assistants AnaLaura Juarez and Kelsey King, and my MCAD summer intern Leah Zobott! We received a Metro Transit grant from the WBC. The temporary mural was completed during FLOW in July 2014. About 50 or more youth assisted in the project throughout the day of the event and is currently installed in a vacant lot between The Capri Theater and the 5-Corners Building off West Broadway and Penn Ave. The mural will make its way to it new home in North Minneapolis yet to be determined.

My amazing and talented assistants and summer intern!

Youth hard at work!

Selfie time!

The finished outcome of the day! It's a little wild and crazy but we love it! The kids had a blast and that's all that matters!