Sunday, February 11, 2018

My mural on Lowry was a field trip destination for students from Lucy Laney!

I was honored to get a call from the kindergarten teachers at Lucy Laney informing me that their students were going to take a walking field trip over to my mural on Lowry Ave! Its just a few blocks from their school and it fit in perfectly with their unit about the seasons. They invited me to come along and talk about the mural with them and then tell them about my illustration career!

It was so much fun! I got so many hugs from those kiddos to last a lifetime!

Here is a link to the story covered by KARE-11 news.

Let me know if you would like to hear more about my community-based mural projects!

Mural Squad gets some attention on KARE-11...

Here is a link to the news story about my after school program with the Minneapolis Police Department and my after school art students at Franklin Middle School. Enjoy and let me know if you are interested in learning more about the program! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The design has been approved!

My next mural project will be on the Greenway in south Minneapolis the first weekend of August! I am so excited the city has approved the design I created in collaboration with youth from the Native Youth Arts Collective (Little Earth) and my summer interns.

Concept sketch- the girls in the program were my biggest inspiration for this design!

Colored version of the sketch

Mock up #1- what it will potentially look like under the bridge when finished.

Mock up #2- just another angle 

Mock up #3- view from the actual path of the Greenway

Treehouse Records Community Mural Project!

Another mural completed on the southside! I teamed up with Whittier Community and MCAD to create this project! I worked with youth during 3 design sessions to help me and my interns design the mural. Then during Lyndale Open Streets, 170 community members assisted in painting the mural! After the event my interns and I finished it up!

This was the concept sketch presented to the owner at Treehouse Records. His only feedback was to make the dragon more "friendly". I think we accomplished that. :) 

Treehouse Records
2557 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55405
Approx. 33' x 15'

Public Artwork on the Northside!

I have completed artwork to be reproduced on a few utility boxes on West Broadway in north Minneapolis! Very excited to see more of my art on West Broadway!

Here is the concept sketch I submitted to WBC and the City of Mpls for approval. I created the sketch in Photoshop using my Monoprice tablet. 

My painting process:



Located at the corner of Dupont and W Broadway. 
There is another one located in front of the TacoBell on W Broadway.

Monday, April 20, 2015

OH Anderson Mural

Mural at OH Anderson Elementary School
Mahtomedi, MN
2nd through 6th grades, approx. 80 students
Completed July 2014
21' x 8'

This summer project was very interesting because the space offered many surfaces to cover including the door. The space was the entry way into the Media Center. This project took place over only a few days! The challenge was to create a design that worked even when the door was propped open, which happened a lot through out the school day. I decided on a theme relating to the Media Center which was "Cultural Storytelling". I included ways that cultures and human beings have communicated stories throughout our time. Obviously, we couldn't include all of the forms of storytelling on the wall but I think we got a good variety of elements in there to capture the idea. My summer intern Leah Zobott contributed to parts of the design of the mural. 

Completed mural!

Door opened...
Door closed- view from the other side, inside the Media Center.